Dating profile with penis size

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Dating profile with penis size

"She said it would be nice to know up-front what she can get from them." The Web site has already attracted nearly a thousand women like her: There are currently 875 female members listed on the site.

There are also 869 men, indicating that there are as many men out there advertising big penises as there are women who want them.

entrepreneur who is no stranger to the dating woes of the well-endowed.

Pasternack is also the man behind, an online dating site "Where the classy, attractive, and affluent meet." Pasternack's anatomically-based venture, launched a couple of weeks ago, "is not a joke," Pasternack, 45, confirms.

He went out with girls he wasn’t physically attracted to.

If he didn’t feel attracted to a certain girl, his friends would say, “Don’t be so shallow, she’s a sweet Indian girl.” His friends spoke from their own insecurities.

“It’s usually the male who compresses the neck vessels of the female, with the idea that they’ll have a better orgasm as the oxygen supply is diminished to the brain,” Baden said.

“And that can lead to death.” Baden said he’s even seen cases where a woman died from receiving oral sex after a man blew air into her vagina, causing an air embolism.

Richard Henry Patterson, 65, of Margate, now wants permission from a judge to bolster his argument by showing his penis to a jury to support his claim that Francisca Marquinez, 60, choked to death in her bedroom while performing oral sex on him on Oct. Patterson’s attorney claims in a motion filed on May 1 that an expert witness and former Broward County medical examiner, Dr.

“There’s quite a number of ways that sexual activity can lead to inadvertent deaths, but I’ve never heard of choking on a penis,” Baden told The Post.

More common causes of death during sexual activity includes autoerotic asphyxiation — where people use devices during masturbation to enhance orgasms by partially reducing airflow to the brain — and instances where one partner compresses the neck vessels of another for increased pleasure, he said.

"The men are interested in signing up, obviously, because they’re proud of what they have.

They're glad they have a place to say hey—-I’ve got eight inches, or nine. Some women can’t handle what they have, sexually, and it turns out to be a disappointment for [the man].

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“The view by the jury is essential for them to fully understand Dr.