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Guys and intimidating girls

Christine recalls, "I recently had a male friend tell me, ' Chris, men just want a woman who's going to be home and be a great wife and mother. Look at you, you're going 100 mph all the time, no guy wants that.'""I am attractive, in gosh-darn good shape, fun, great sense of humor, full of energy and life, smart and ambitious," says Christine.It's the gap in intelligence —not gender — that causes the intimidation."Do strong career minded women intimidate guys? It probably has more to do with these women having chosen to spend their time and effort trying to accomplish other goals instead of pursuing and working on relationships." "Honestly, when it comes down to it, all men have a little bit of intimidation in them, simply because of the historical dominance of males in society.(Have you ever noticed how when girls act stupid in class they get big laughs from some guys? The girl who's breaking down the roots of class warfare isn't getting a lot of love.)Or it could be because they're acting like idiots. The unwritten rules of how to act and look like a cool guy plague both guys and girls throughout school. And you'll discover that a lot of the guys who used to act like idiots have come to their senses. Veteran readers of this column know that you can't take high school (or middle school for that matter) as an indication of how real life will roll for you. The queer men and women I spoke to had never been given the excuse of intimidation as the reason why they weren’t finding dates (though, admittedly, my findings are 100% anecdotal).So, being a woman who used to mould and fold herself to meet society’s standards of “the girl he wants to date,” I started Googling to see exactly what men found intimidating in a woman, all in an effort to fix it in myself.A few weeks ago, I posted a survey to my Twitter, asking my followers what they wanted to see in this column.

Society dictates that guys should always make the first move, but if we are intimated by a girl and what might happen, then we're going to hold off.

The fear of rejection which has held many a man back from making the move on a girl that he finds attractive.

In this article I will try to answer the question 'are guys intimated by hot girls? As I said before, the main problem is the fear of rejection.

Men inherit milllennia years of social and hierarchical dominance and either knowingly or unknowingly have an irrational fear of losing their territory." As a younger single man, I was intimidated by the women I was attracted to; the more sexually attracted I was, the more intimidated I felt.

They had the power to grant or deny my romantic desires and, whether they knew it or not, they wielded that power.

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Athletic, well thats a guy thing, and no guy wants to get their butt kicked by a girl.