Sample letters from pastor updating membership

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Sample letters from pastor updating membership

It is essential that a ministry/church develop policy and procedures to thoroughly document the proceedings of various corporate board meetings, including meetings conducted by conference call and Web conferencing.

The policy and procedures should outline what meeting notes should include, who is responsible for taking them, and when and how they should be translated into the formal and official minutes.

In such a letter you should state the importance of contributions so that reader can get the convincing reasons for the donations.

First, step to make the letter personalized is by adding the name of the donor with the salutation.

You do not want to find out your church meeting policy and procedures are not up to date during an IRS audit. In many organizations or churches the secretary is given this responsibility of taking minutes along with additional review and signatory responsibilities.

If you are a church secretary it is important to realize just how important it is to ensure the accuracy and clear minutes to reflect every church meeting whether it is a board meeting or any other type of church meeting.

Minutes not only provide an indispensable record of the deliberations in annual membership meetings, board meetings, and board committees, but they also offer a valuable history that reflects a prudent and responsible board.

Their role is also to provide support to the church staff and assist in building the image of the church through outreach programs.

These secretaries maintain the church membership records, schedule appointments for the pastor, organize ministry notes for the preachers, and develop bulletins for the church.

You can send such a letter to a known or an unknown recipient.

In such a letter, you need to send a request to the recipient to donate the funds.

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