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A mid-sized, ladies/youth version of the watch was released the same year as the original.The original 1984 Triathlon and 1986 Ironman (full-size/midsize) watches remained in production until 1991, when the first of many cosmetic and design refreshes came along.Not all athletes can bring their own support crew, usually it's a money issue with having to travel a long distance.But either way - you will see how the race unfolds, what atheltes are doing right, do wrong.More intense than completing a marathon or biking a century, nothing says “I am fit” in quite the same way. In the past five years, the number of triathlons has more than doubled, to nearly 2,000 events around the globe.There are a remarkable two million competitors taking part in races each year.

In 1984 Timex worked together with the officials of the Ironman Triathlon sporting event to develop a new digital watch to help sagging sales within the company. In 1986 Timex acquired the rights to the Ironman name, and developed the Ironman Triathlon watch based on the 1984 watch.What else might be invovled in a successful finish for you?Think about coming out and helping either the race management OR crew for an athlete.In other words, if you’ve ever dreamed of crossing that triathlon finish line—even if it’s not in first place—there’s no better time to take your mark.You don’t need to be in perfect shape to take on a triathlon, says Libby Burrell, director of sports development for the International Triathlon Union.

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